Welcome to Fall 2014
  • Structures doctoral student Hussam Saleem analyzes nano-composites for use in structural health monitoring. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]

    Hussam Saleem – structures nanopolymer
  • Geotechnical researchers assess roadway flood damage and recommend ways to assess, repair, and mitigate roadways during future floods. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]

  • Assistant Professor Simon Laflamme partnered with his former major professor to publish a structural engineering textbook. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]

    Laflamme Structural Motion Engineering textbook
  • Look for registration details on August 25, 2014. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ ABOUT KICKOFF EVENTS]

    CCEE GOLD Kickoff – Oct. 10-11, 2014
  • Professor Charles Jahren partners engineering with the arts to develop hybrid learning courses. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]

    Jahren and Hybrid Learning Course Development
  • Alumnus Justin Ahmann talks about his engineering experience out west. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]

    Justin Ahmann – Environmental Engineer
  • Spring 2014 civil engineering alumnus Ryan Francois recaps his Iowa State University adventure. [CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO]

    Ryan Francois looking back on my adventure
  • Civil engineering and construction engineering students connect the arts to engineering. [CLICK IMAGE TO READ MORE]